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HomeOwners Association (HOA)

Be Informed. Be Engaged. Be Heard.
The HomeOwners Association is a non-profit, volunteer organization which provides social, educational and homeowner advocacy in Tellico Village. Learn more

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Tellico Village Computer Users Club (TVCUC)

The TVCUC is a non-profit organization formed to provide a forum to increase understanding of personal computers and to maximize its safe and effective utilization. Learn more

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New Villagers

The New Villagers Club of Tellico Village is a social organization, whose purpose is to Welcome, Acclimate, and Entertain newcomers in Tellico Village. Learn more

Membership is ONE Time and lasts for 24 months. Members (who are logged into TellicoLife) will see their join and graduation date displayed in the box to the right -->

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NV Golf

Rover Run Dog Park

Rover Run Dog Park is a private park for owners and residents of Tellico Village, located at Tugaloo off Tellico Parkway, in Tellico Village, Tennessee. All dogs must be approved before entering the park. The park is about one and half acres, separated by secured gate access into "large" and "small" dog areas.

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