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Tellico Village New Resident Guide

Welcome to Tellico Village! You've made a great choice on your residence.
This is your step-by-step guide to get connected with your new Tellico Village lifestyle.

Tellico Village General Communication

By registering for these services, you will receive general information about what is happening in Tellico Village.


The TellicoLife website provides you with a single site for whats happening in Tellico Village. It is managed by Tellico Village volunteers. Your TellicoLife profile contains your name, address and email, which is used by TellicoLife & the clubs and organizations who participate in TellicoLife.

Join TellicoLife

TellicoLife registration/sign in is required for the other items on this page

NOTE: Your TellicoLife login information will be separate and distinct from the information you use to log on to the POA website.


The Tell-E-Gram is the #1 source of news published by the Tellico Village Property Owners Association. Filled with important POA announcements, advisory committee meeting highlights, upcoming events, social club activities, and volunteer organization information, the Tell-E-Gram is a crucial resource for Villagers to stay informed. To begin receiving the Tell-E-Gram each Tuesday and every other Friday, please click below to complete the sign-up form.

Tell-E-Gram Sign Up

Village Directory

The Tellico Village Directory is published by the News Herald (The Connection).

Add me to the Tellico Village Directory

New Resident Orientation

New Residents are encouraged to attend both of these Orientation Sessions. They provide essential information about our community, its operation and activities.

POA 101

POA 101 is a program designed for new property owners of Tellico Village. Come learn about Tellico Village's history, governance, communication resources, clubs and organizations, and ways to get connected. Informational packets will be given. Registration required. The presentation lasts about an hour.

Register for POA 101
Click then SEARCH for POA 101

You will be taken to our EVENT LIST of upcoming POA Events.
Search for POA 101 and select the session you want to attend.

HOA Welcome Orientation

If you are new to Tellico Village, come to an HOA Welcome Orientation to get all the information regarding our Community! You will see presentations by the HOA (Home Owners Association), POA (Property Owners Association), Fire Department, Library, Recreation Department, T-Bart, Coast Guard, New Villagers Club, Tellico Community Playhouse, Computer Users Club and others. Please register in advance so we can prepare your information packet.

Register for HOA Welcome Orientation
Click then SEARCH for HOA Welcome

You will be taken to our EVENT LIST of upcoming HOA Events.
Search for HOA Welcome and select the session you want to attend.

Get to know your Community & your Neighbors

New Villagers

The New Villagers Club purpose is to Welcome, Acclimate, Assimilate and Entertain newcomers in Tellico Village. The focus is on promoting friendships and facilitating their participation in the activities of the Village. Membership is open to all individuals or households who are new residents to Tellico Village. Click here to learn about and to Join New Villagers

HOA (Home Owners Association)

Your Home Owners Association (HOA) delivers value to Tellico Village homeowners through informative and engaging programs, while promoting social fellowship, civic responsibility, and providing a ‘voice’ for homeowner concerns. Click here to learn about and Join the HOA

Computer Users Club

The Tellico Village Computer Users Club (TVCUC) provides a forum to increase understanding of the personal computer ecosystem and to maximize its safe and effective utilization. The Club provides the opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences for the enrichment of members including both PC & Mac Users. Click here to learn about and Join the TVCUC


Explore the community and your interests

TellicoLife Clubs & Organizations

The largest clubs and organizations in Tellico Village subscribe to TellicoLife.  All of the clubs and organizations that subscribe to TellicoLife are listed on the TellicoLife home page.

Tellico Village Club & Organization Directory

All clubs and organizations in Tellico Village are listed on this directory.
Click here for the listing

Shop Tellico Village

Shop locally! This list will help you shop locally and benefit from the competitively-priced, convenient, friendly service offered by local business owners.