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New Villagers 


New Villagers Club of Tellico Village

Welcome to the Neighborhood!



 The New Villagers Club is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to Welcome, Acclimate, Assimilate and Entertain newcomers in Tellico Village. We focus on promoting friendships and facilitating their participation in the activities of the Village.  The New Villagers Club’s effectiveness in delivering this Mission is solely dependent upon unpaid volunteerism by fellow New Villager current members.


The New Villagers Club offers a wide variety of events and clubs, designed to help you quickly make new friends, learn about the area and have fun.  Innovative volunteers offer a wide range of events that include cultural, regional history, arts and crafts, tours of local attractions, sporting events and many others that you’ll find unique and informative.  There are also clubs you can join depending on your interests, including book club, wine tasting groups, in-home dinning groups, hiking, and cocktails & games groups.  And, Golf offers a weekly scramble, lots of fun without the pressure of competition. 

We are quickly transitioning to using TellicoLife to give you the option to sign-up on-line for NV events.    We invite you to review the events on the TellicoLife calendar and to join us at our monthly Socials where you can sign-up for events & clubs.


Click here for event and club links 


Join Now!

Membership is open to all individuals or households who are new residents to Tellico Village. Membership in New Villagers is 24 months commencing on the day the New Villager completes the membership form, pays the membership fee, and membership is recorded on TellicoLife.  Membership ends twenty-four months from that month and year.  

Any member serving for at least twelve (12) months or committed to serve for one year beyond their 24-month standard membership for 12 months in a volunteer position will have their membership extended to accommodate their serving out their position for a full calendar year, not to exceed 35 months.

There is a one-time membership fee of $35.00 per household. If you register and pay online, you will receive a $5 discount.

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 * To see your NV membership, you must first Login to TellicoLife.  If your name is not shown, Login here.


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NV - Membership


Our monthly meetings/socials are held the first Thursday of each month at The Yacht Club and the schedule of events are as follows:

  • 4:00 - 5:00 - New Members Registration and Welcome
  • 4:30 - 5:30 - Social Time and Event and Club Sign-ups
  • 5:30 - General Meeting
  • 6:30 - Meeting Ends

Many of us meet for dinner in the Yacht Club dining room after the meeting.  Please consider joining us!  Dinner reservations are taken at the door when you arrive!



The elected officers of the club are President, Vice-President/Activities, Vice-President/Social, Vice-President/Communications, POA/HOA Liaison, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers perform the duties incumbent upon such office for a term of one year. Officers excluding the Treasurer may run for a second term in the same position.



New Villagers Webmaster: [email protected]


 Visit our website www.telliconewvillagers.com for additional information

 Last updated:  November 17, 2019