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Tellico Village Lions Club
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The TV Lions collection efforts of glasses, hearing aids and pill containers is going great but a problem is developing with the pill bottles. While the Lions appreciate your donations, in some cases, we are getting them with the labels still on them. The organization in Ohio that collects them will only accept them without labels and we do not have the people-power to remove the many that are donated with the labels still on them. So if you do not REMOVE the labels we have to throw them away thus denying someone in a developing nation the chance to have a sanitary way of carrying their medications. So Please remove the labels before donating. They should look like the one in the photo.

You might ask, “How are the collections going?” Over the course of the last several months, mostly prior to July 1, we collected and shipped the following:

  • 2555 pair of used eyeglasses were delivered to Roanoke, VA for processing and forwarding overseas. With these we do not need the cases;
  • 34 pair of hearing-aids were sent to the Hearing and Speech Foundation in Maryville for refurbishment and issuance to indigent residents of Loudon County. In the cases of the aids, include the cases and batteries, if you have them;
  • 10,123 used clean pill bottles were taken to Ohio for processing and forwarding to Africa.

As mentioned above the labels must be removed. The collection locations are behind the Welcome Center, Sloan’s, the library and the Gary Stuart Edward Jones office.

If possible, put them in a plastic grocery store bag. This outstanding community effort is only possible with your taking the time to prepare and drop-off the items. It’s success is reflective of your kindness and generosity towards your neighbors, both locally and overseas.


Who We Are:

The Tellico Village Lions Club is comprised of men and women who volunteer their time to humanitarian causes serving the community and those less fortunate worldwide.   Please visit our website to look over the various service projects and fund raising events that we do for the residents of Tellico Village and the surrounding community.

We gather as a club on the First Tuesday of the month at 9:00 AM for our monthly business meeting and on the third Tuesday of the month for our 6:00 PM dinner meeting. All meetings take place at the First Baptist Church of Tellico Village in their Fellowship Hall, located at 205 Chota Road.

The Lions Motto is “We Serve” and as members of this club, we are proud to serve.

Click on the Lions logo below to see a short powerpoint presentation on our club’s many service projects and fund raising activities.



Seven organizations operating independently, each accomplishing their organizational missions, can do a lot of good for the community. But when they band together to help each other accomplish those same missions, the synergy generated by those relationship magnifies the impact each can have. This is exactly the mission of the newly formed Tellico Working Together Group. While still in the start-up stage generating plans and ideas, the future looks very promising.  

The seven member Tellico Village organizations, four service clubs and three churches, include the Lions,  Kiwanis,  Rotary, the  Women’s Club (GFWC), the  Community Church, the  First Baptist Church and the  Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church. Collectively, their membership represents a significant percentage of the population of Tellico Village. Each has a different mission focus area. For the Kiwanis it is children; the Lions, vision and sight, the Rotary is schools and dental health; the Women’s club focuses on social issues affecting women and families in the community; and the three churches on serving the spiritual needs of their congregants as well as filling unmet needs in various social and economic areas in Loudon County

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To access this page directly, bookmark: www.tellicolife.org/tv-lions-club