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Timeless Tellico is a non-profit Foundation created to facilitate using personal and corporate donations to build and enhance recreation amenities, facilities and programs that benefit all Tellico Village residents.

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These donations are tax deductible and can be put in a general fund or earmarked for a certain project or naming rights on village structures and items. The Foundation is overseen by a volunteer board of village property owners dedicated to allocating funds in a responsible manner.

Who We Are
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Who We Are

Timeless Tellico Foundation s a non-profit 501c3 group with the expressed mission to facilitate private/corporate donations to improve existing or develop new recreation and amenity facilities, programs and equipment for the Tellico Village Recreation Department.

The Foundation was created in direct response to inquiries from residents on how they could donate funds for special projects or initiatives that would enhance the offerings of the Rec Department.  One of the top concerns voiced by residents in the Long Range Planning focus groups was the lack of funds available to the Recreation Department desired new facilities, programs and equipment.

Donor directed funds will be used to complete projects in accordance with the expressed wishes of the donor.  If we do have unrestricted funds, the Board will consider long established “wants” expressed through the long range planning process to be considered for funding.

TTF is not a substitution for POA funding of Village needs!  The Foundation was started to enhance existing funding mechanisms to expedite desired programs, features, equipment etc of the Rec Department that are not currently planned for in the POA budget.  Think of it as “wants” vs “needs.

Tellico Village is a great place, and we’re in a good position to increase the involvement of the residents in ways that make the Village even better.  A personal connection, whether it’s through their name on a pickleball court, some donated art, or a new meeting facility, creates an atmosphere in which residents can take pride in having contributed.   

Board Members

  • Walt Cook – President
  • Bill Butera – Vice President
  • Pete Kilmartin – Treasurer
  • Lisa Lower - Secretary
  • Dan Cataldi
  • Simon Bradbury
  • Gary Mulliner
  • Carla Johnson
  • Lori Dramm

What We Do

In a nutshell, the Timeless Tellico Foundation (TTF) charter is to make our village more attractive, vibrant and valuable to existing and future residents. 

The POA does a great job ensuring the village is properly managed and the villagers’ monthly dues are used effectively. Their challenge is trying to find the balance between expanding the offerings in the village with keeping the dues in check. This is where the TTF comes in.

While the TTF is still relatively new, the board’s long-term goal is to work with individuals and groups to make their dreams come true. We’re fortunate to have a bunch of passionate residents who love Tellico Village and have ideas they think would enhance our lifestyle. They’re willing to work to make these dreams come to life, and we’re excited about being able to help them get it done.

If we’re presented with an idea that makes sense and fits in with the overall future plan for Tellico Village, we’ll work with them to fine tune the project, present it for approval, and share their vision with the village. Another very important part of our part it to manage the funds for each project. 

TTF is a 501c3 corporation approved by the IRS to help ensure donations offer all the benefits one would expect from a non-profit group. 

Current Projects

Tennessee Orthopedics Assessments – The Timeless Tellico Foundation pays to have a TOC representative at the Wellness Center every weekday for free consultations regarding exercises, pain issues and other health-related issues. This project has proved very valuable for those working out at he Wellness Center, and is also available for any resident who’d like to discuss their issues with an expert.

Trails and Parks – Another valuable asset that often goes under the radar is the number and quality of walking trails in Tellico Village. Together with the help of the POA, the Chain Gang has created and upgraded miles of trails and ‘pocket parks’ throughout the village.





Kayak Launch - The Soggy Bottoms Kayakers are seeking $16,000 for a 50 foot floating dock with an EZ-Dock floating launch at the Clear Creek Boat Launch.

Having this conveniently located amenity will give kayakers a safer entry and exit process. Staying dry when launching the kayak will also for more comfortable kayaking well into the winter months.

The kayak launch dock will be separate from the boat launch area, helping ensure the two groups can each operate without affecting the others at Clear Creek.

TVA, TRDA, the Tellico Village POA and Timeless Tellico Foundation are united in making this happen.

In addition to generous gifts from the Timeless Tellico Foundation, Mary Kay Noble (in honor of her husband Dave) and other parties, the Soggy Bottoms are looking for donations from villagers to help reach their goal.

Those willing to help can make out a check to Timeless Tellico Foundation and mail it to PO Box 556, Loudon, TN 37774. Pre-printed donation envelopes are available at the Wellness Center, Chota Center and Kahite. Be sure to highlight the money is for the Kayak Launch.

Tellico Life members can also give via credit card through the Timeless Tellico website at https://www.tellicolife.org/timeless-tellico-foundation.

Pickleball – TTF is working with the Tellico Village Pickleball Club to add four new covered courts that will allow more people to enjoy this fast-growing sport.

They’ll also be able to play in all weather conditions, day or night. This is an ambitious project, and we’re all excited about what this will do for the club and what it could do for the property values in the village. For more information on the project, check out the Pickleball Club’s website.

The ‘Pickleplex Project’ fund will accept all donations, and also has giving levels that will be permanently recognized at the new complex.

The levels are:

  • Medallion Level $300 and above
  • Ambassador Level $500 and above
  • Champion Level $1,000 and above
  • Legend Level $2,500 and above




Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition to donating to specific projects, people can also honor a loved one or show their appreciation for Tellico Village by sponsoring a bench, trail or other item from the list of available inventory. Contact a TTF board member for more information.

Donation Options                                     

Thank you to our current Timeless Tellico Donors. 
Your generosity allows us to contribute to the quality of life in Tellico Village.

Villagers and businesses who want to contribute to the projects listed above, to new projects they believe will make Tellico Village that much better, or to the general fund for the Foundation to use as appropriate, we have a number of ways to make it easy to donate:

  • Cash Donations – TTF donation envelopes are available at the Wellness Center and at the Rec Center. These envelopes allow for specifying how the donor would like the money used, whether it be for a particular project or for the foundation’s general fund. 
    • Please complete the information section of the envelope to make sure you get the tax acknowledgement letter, and to let us know if you’d like to be publicly recognized for your gift.
  • Credit cards - The Timeless Tellico website includes provisions for accepting credit card donations to the foundation. Like the cash donations, these can be specific to a certain project or for the general fund, and will be acknowledged with a letter from TTF for your taxes.
  • Gifts from Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) - Your IRA Custodian can work with you to donate directly to the Timeless Tellico Foundation from a QCD in a way that could lower your taxable income for that year. This type of donation can be counted towards satisfying your Required Minimum Distribution for the year. Certain restrictions apply so check with your financial expert to see if this is for you.
  • Gifts from Donor Advised Funds – Like the QCD, you can also donate to TTF through a Donor Advised Fund. This type of gift could include cash, appreciated assets, or other non-publicly traded assets. Talk with your tax advisor to see if a Donor Advised Fund would be a good vehicle for you.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Timeless Tellico Foundation has selected a number of items in the village for sponsorship opportunities. In exchange for a donation to the TTF general fund, villagers and businesses can have their inscription on a bench, flagpole, pickleball court, building or other item that will be seen and enjoyed for years to come. Contact a TTF board member to learn more about how you can memorialize your generosity.

The Foundation also has a process in place to assess and plan for any projects a villager or business may bring to us. Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with the person or group bringing the idea to us with regard to planning, POA approvals, funding, etc. We believe the foundation as well as Tellico Village will benefit more from ideas that come from passionate people, and we look forward to helping these dreams become reality.

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