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Tellico Village Tennis Club

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Who We Are:

Welcome to the Tellico Village Tennis Club. We are a newly formed club with over 190 members, including two resident teaching professionals. Our goal is to market tennis and promote the needs of tennis players in the village. We provide village residents with tennis activities for all skill levels. The club organizes tennis ladders, mixed doubles play, and skills and drills for members. The club also hosts social activities and tennis related outings.

For those newcomers who have not played tennis in awhile but would like to get back into the game, the club runs a “Rusty Racquets” program to help rusty players brush up on their skills and ease back into the game.  

Membership Information

To become a club member, contact the club treasurer, Brent Greider.  Annual membership is only $10.00


Tellico Village Tennis Club (TVTC) on TellicoLife 

Tellico Village Tennis Club (TVTC) uses TellicoLife in several important ways. 

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  • Tellico Village Tennis Club Circle (for Schedule, Club Docs & Pictures)
    • Tellico Village Tennis Club uses our circle to share our schedule, by-laws, club documents, pictures and for members to discuss tennis topics of interest. 
    • Our circle is OPEN - to current and prospective members.  Anyone logged into TellicoLife can access this circle.  
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Tennis Links

To access this page directly, bookmark:  www.tellicolife.org/tellico-village-tennis-club-tvtc

Last Updated: January 2, 2020