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Helping You Stay in Tellico Village

STAYinTV is an "Aging In Place" project in Tellico Village that is part of a national movement whose goal is to help seniors live in their residence of choice as long as possible. 

STAYinTV's Mission is to identify the changing needs of our population and spearhead actions that enable our residents to age in place with dignity in Tellico Village. 

 STAYinTV Programs

(For more information on any of the programs, click on the blue title.)

Home Maintenance

  • Provides minor maintenance for those who are unable to do the work themselves.
  • Call 865-458-7084 and press #1

Rides Program

  • Provides rides to medical appointments and other essential services for those unable to drive. 
  • Call 865-458-7084 and press #2.

Groceries & Errands

  • Offers a service for those unable to shop for themselves. 
  • Call 865-458-7084 and press #3.

Respite Care for Caregivers

  • Provides long-term caregivers with time to relax from 24/7 caregiver duties. 
  • A volunteer will stay with your loved one, in your home for up to 4 hours , giving you a break.
  • Call 865-458-7084 and press #4. 

 Care Calls

  •  If you live alone, let someone check on you on a regular basis.
  • Call 865-458-7084 and press #5.


 Reference Material

 STAYinTV Resource Guide

The STAYinTV Resource Guide has been compiled by the members of STAYinTV. This is a group of concerned Tellico Village residents who saw a need to provide information that would aid residents in finding local support services and resources to help them stay in Tellico Village. 

Planning for Lifestyle Changes - A Roadmap

This document is a comprehensive list of issues residents need to address as they collect and organize their legal, financial and other documents.  It is important that this information be readily available in case a relative or friend needs to act on your behalf.  Be sure they know where to find it.  Not everything in this document applies to everyone so just fill in, and/or print the pages that are applicable.

Become a STAYinTV Volunteer

STAYinTV's services are entirely supported by volunteers.  To learn more about the STAYinTV programs, visit our website STAYinTV.org.  To let us know you are interested in helping us help other Villagers stay in their residence of choice, click on the button below. 

Become a STAYinTV Volunteer
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STAYinTV is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that functions primarially on donations. Many area organizations have supported our mission enabling us to organize and implement the current STAYinTV programs.

Your tax deductible donations play a key role in sustaining our ongoing operations.

Make check payable to:

202 Chota Rd.
Loudon TN 37774

We are located inside the Welcome Center.

Phone 865-458-7084

Email: [email protected]


To access this page directly, bookmark: www.tellicolife.org/stayintv-menu 
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