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Rover Run Dog Park 2021


The dog park has undergone a few big changes going in 2021. The most visible is the new park location at Tugaloo. The reserves created over the past 15 years by new members along with donations were sufficient to set up the park and get us in. Going forward we will continue to make improvements and ensure we maintain a reasonable reserve for future needs.

Our operating expense which is funded by dues has increased with new fixed costs. These costs include insurance (liability, and property), electricity for our irrigation system, and water for the dogs. Additionally, our fees include our post office box, state fees as a non-profit organization and the cost of using TellicoLife. Currently, ground maintenance continues as our largest expense and should be equal to the amount we paid for our old dog park. Because of these factors we have changed our dues structure to be per dog vs per family, since it is the dogs that contribute to the wear and tear on the park.

The dues will be $60 per dog for 2021. New member fee will remain at $135.  We will be changing the gate code February 1st and will send the new code to renewed members.

The other big change is moving our system to TellicoLife. They support just about all clubs and organizations in the Tellico Village now. TellicoLife has the ability to meet all of our organizational needs, while providing a high level of support and visibility at a reasonable price. Our 2021 and future membership renewals will be done through TellicoLife.

 This means that you will have to be member of TellicoLife. Many people are already members. If you are not a member yet and need to join, here is a link that will take you to their site and help you join:


If you are already a member of TellicoLife, after you login just look for the Rover Run icon on the TellicoLife home page to renew your membership for the upcoming 2021 year:

TellicoLife will be our communications hub, providing links to our social media accounts like Facebook, etc. Will greatly improve our ability to communicate to our members, between members and make our current support roles easier. As we grow and evolve it will support more member participation and activities for the park.

 2021 should be an enjoyable year for Rover Run Dog Park.