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Help! I'm having trouble getting signed into TellicoLife

Sorry about that.  There are just two simple pieces of information that you need to login TellicoLife.  You will need... 

Welcome to TellicoLife

We hope you find our site useful.  Tell us what you like?  What you wish we offered?  We would like to hear from you ---

Can't find

If you have requested to recover your Username or Password and do not get an email response in 5 minutes, try this... 

  • Check your junk or spam folder.  The email will be from [email protected]
  • Try a different email.  We will only respond if the email you use to request the information is the one in your TellicoLife profile
  • Contact us at [email protected] for help

Can I use one email for both of us?

My husband and I received separate emails to "enroll" in TellicoLife.  Since we share the same email address, is it okay for one of us to sign up instead of both of us?  I'm no computer wizard, she handles all our email...