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TellicoLife is where you can sign up for events, manage your membership, and connect with other members of Tellico Village.  When fully implemented, it will give you one website and one online ID (sign-on) to manage your club memberships and register for events offered by participating clubs or organizations.  In addition, TellicoLife is going to be the workhorse that will collect member dues and support event registration and payment. Membership in TellicoLife is free. 


If you are new to TellicoLife, here are a few tips to get you started:  

  • TellicoLife member signon uses a Username and Password. 
  • If you forgot your Username, click login > Forgot Username and your email will be used to recover your Username.  
    • Tip: Your Username is typically your email address
    • If you share the same email with another person who is on TellicoLife (your spouse, for example), one of you will have Username of that email address, the other Username will typically be their first initial followed by their last name. 
    • If you forgot your Username and share emails, you will probably need to email our site administrator at [email protected] to help you recover your Username. 
  • If you forgot your Password, click login > Forgot Password and your email will be used to recover your Password
    • Tip: Protect your privacy by making sure you have a strong password! 
  • After logging into TellicoLife, you can change your username from from the MyProfile menu
Notice the Forgot Username? and Forgot Password? links at the bottom of the login screen:

The best way to confirm you are correctly logged in is when you see your name on the TellicoLife Home Page:


When you login for the first time, here are a few good things to do... 

  • Please complete your profile (it is shared across our participating clubs, so they will all have your accurate information)!
  • Check out the MyClubs page to view your current memberships
  • Check out the Clubs & Org menu for a list of all Clubs & Organizations that are participating in TellicoLife.
  • And view the calendar of events offered by our participating clubs.  Many events offer on-line registration.  
  • Browse the Help menu for FAQs & How To Guides
  • Look around the site to see whats there
  • Contact us at [email protected], to let us know what you think of our new site!

Your Member Profile in TellicoLife  

To learn about Your Profile and how to Manage your Profile Click Here