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Sample Circle Communications

This article contains 2 sample communications

  1. Sample of an email if the club member is not receiving emails from the circle
  2. Sample communication to a new club member, with instructions on how to enroll in the circle. 

You may also forward this link to the article showing step by step circle instructions, including screen shots. 


1.  Not Receiving Emails from the circle

Hi _________.  There are a few things we can try to resolve this issue of your not receiving messages/bulletins/announcements.  Please take the following steps and let me know when you've completed them.  I will then send you a message via TellicoLife to be sure everything is working properly.

1.  Check the Spam (and/or Junk) folder in your email program.  If this morning's message from MemberClicks is there, click on it, and choose the option Not Spam (Not Junk).
2.  Check the Trash folder in your email program.  If the MemberClicks message is there, click on it and move it to your Inbox.
3.  Add the following to your Contacts list:  [email protected]. 
4.  Take the following steps within the actual TellicoLife site:
    Google TV Singers and click on the link that comes up
    That will take you to our Home Page where you will see our July 2018 concert photo
    Click Visit/Join Our Circle
    Log in to TellicoLife with your username and password
    That will take you to our Circle Page where you will see prior announcements, photo albums, etc.
    Click the black box in the upper middle of that page labeled My Profile (it is located between the box My Community and the box Connections)
          [Do not click My Profile under Quick Links on the right side of the page]
    Click Contact Preferences
    Turn all preferences to ON
    Then log out.

Again, please let me know when you've completed all the above. 

2.  Sample Communicate to New Club Member on how to connect with the circle:

Hi Everyone!  Our Membership Committee notified me that you have officially joined the TV Singers.  Welcome!!

I am the moderator of the TV Singers "circle" on the TellicoLife social media/communication platform.  The Board of the TV Singers decided to join this platform in an effort to facilitate communication among our singers, and to share bulletins and announcements.  Once you have logged in to TellicoLife and have joined our "circle," you will be able to message other choir members, participate in or start discussions, and see the photo albums representing our past performances and social events.  You will periodically receive announcements from our Director and members of the Board.

So, I am inviting you to join our TV Singers members only "circle," and start participating!  The following is a list of instructions outlining how to do just that:
1.  Simply Google TV Singers.  You will then see the site TV Singers - TellicoLife, https://www.tellicolife.org/tv-singers.
2.  Click that site and you will be directed to the TV Singers Home Page where you will see one of our concert photos and information about our choir.
3.  Click the black box that says Visit/Join Our Circle, and you will be directed to a Login page.
IF you are ALREADY a member of TellicoLife, simply login with your TellicoLife username and password, and proceed to step 4.
    (Your username is EITHER your personal email address OR the first initial of your first name and your entire last name, e.g. AFerrell.)
    (If you don't remember your password, click "Forgot Password?" and follow the directions to reset it.)
IF this is your first time accessing TellicoLife, you will need to register before you can proceed to step 4.
    After clicking Visit/Join Our Circle, click the Register for TellicoLife box in Quick Links on the right side of the page.
    Set up your username (your personal email address) and your password.
    The site will ask a few questions, such as how you want your name displayed on the site, your address, etc.
    Once you have your username and password, you are ready to log in to TellicoLife.
4. Once you have logged in to TellicoLife, you will be directed to the TV Singers "circle" page where you can click the gray box that says Join Our Circle.
That action will generate a request to me that you wish to join.  As soon as I click OK, you will receive an email message from "MemberClicks at TellicoLife" notifying you of membership in our circle, and you are ready to log in and start navigating our circle.
Please feel free to email me with questions, or see me at Monday rehearsals.
I'm looking forward to singing with you, AND seeing you in our TV Singers circle!!!