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Illinois Club of Tellico Village, Loudon

Who we Are

We're much more than alive and kicking.

The Illinois Club of Tellico Village is a social organization (as you can see by our motto) where volunteers organize activities and events of interest for our members. The "Activities" category of our website will assist you in discovering the types of activities you could be enjoying with us. 

Club activities are broadcast via Email to members by the President, published in local papers and on Tellico Village Broadcasting.  The most current information is available through emails and this website.

The annual Illinois Club membership dues are $5 per individual or $10 per household, renewable by January of each year.  Mail/phone information and a membership application form are available below on this site.  Most people renew at the annual picnic in September.

Contact Us

How do I become a member? It's usually a matter of just showing up and presenting a "fiver" or a good check. Membership is available to former residents of the Land of Lincoln. Yes, it counts if you are/were married to or dating a former Illinois resident If you think you might have spent a night one time in a Champaign-Urbana area motel room - that counts, too. You must also pass a short quiz (this is open-book and Google-friendly). A passing score is 50% - so, yes, a monkey in Brookfield Zoo has a good shot at achieving membership.

Membership qualification questions:

  • Name  three of the four former Illinois governors served or are serving prison sentences?
  • Which of the four was not Governor when prisoned?
  • But, will it play in Peoria? - Which river passes through Peoria?
  • What is the most southern city in Illinois?
  • If you are standing in Quincy looking across the mighty Mississippi, which state are you seeing?
  • Tie breaker: If a plane crashes on the Illinois / Wisconsin state line (near the oleo / cheese outlets) in which state do they bury the survivors?

If you failed to get 50% right answers, you still may be admitted to this exclusive club if you have the secret recipe of this restaurant.

A Few Illinois Images

Views of Illinois


State Of Illinois Simplified Income Tax Form


 Our 2021 Officers and Board Positions Are Held By:

  • President: Sue English-Kovar
  • Vice President:
  • Treasurer: Maybeth Graening
  • Membership: Linda Klein
  • Board Members: Sue Valle Parker,  Mark Kovar, Ed & Mickey Hostick,Tom & Tess Kwiatkowski and Larry Mau.
  • Key Support: Jason Graening -- Official Photographer

Join the Illinois Club

 Click here to open a membership form which you can print and fill out.  Instructions for applying for membership are on the form.

Illinois Club of Tellico Village on TellicoLife

The Illinois Club calendar events are posted in the TellicoLife Calendar, using the prefix ILL. 

You can also see the Illinois Club activities planned for 2019 by clicking here.

To access this page directly, bookmark: http://www.tellicolife.org/illinois-club