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Who is Tellico Heat Dragon Boat Club?

We were started as Tennessee Heat in 2015 by two Floridian transplants who had been active with the Florida Heat Dragon Boat Club in The Villages. In 2016 a small but dedicated group embraced the sport and with patience and commitment sustained the Club through its early years. As Tellico Village continued to grow, the club did as well, attracting like-minded people looking for outdoor fitness alternatives. Over time, a core group of leadership developed who have attended training & coaching camp - back-to-back years - at their own expense - returning to share their training with the club which has supported the ongoing safety and skill development of each paddler.


Our Mission

Promote the growth and development of the sport of dragon boat in our community at all levels of activity, which include fitness, team-building, competitive racing and social recreation. Tellico Heat Dragon Boat is committed to fostering an environment characterized by these key principles: Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Sportsmanship. All parties shall uphold the highest standards of behavior, which applies to Coaches, Athletes, Volunteers, Officers and Administrators.

Tellico Heat Dragon Boat Gives BACK! Donating $8000 in 2023

The THDBC gives back to communities throughout the southeast. Each Dragon Boat Race is a FUN RAISER while also raising FUNDS for important causes such as caring for our homeless, breast cancer awareness, domestic violence, protecting Cumberland River habitat and team building with college sports teams.

What You Will Find?

Experienced & knowledgeable coaches!
Great Exercise! Good Times!
Wonderful fun and supportive friends!
Social time outside of paddling!
A new you with all you will accomplish!
All the while you’ve found another wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful Tellico Lake!




Visit us if YOU have that hidden Dragon

   Tellico Heat Dragon Boat Club

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Click the image to view a video of the Dragon Boat team in action!