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Coin collectors and buyers around Loudon County gather regularly at the Yacht Club for the newly formed Tellico Village Coin Club’s activities.

“The first meeting was pretty interesting,” Jim Schoffstall, club president, said. “We had a good mix of novice — people that were there just to see what it was like — and we had two dealers show up. They let it be known up front that they’d be willing to buy. These individuals seemed to be down to earth.

“We had a couple of ladies that knew absolutely zero about coin collecting,” he added. “They came up and talked to me, and one of those ladies was only interested in unloading what she had. She didn’t know what they were worth, and she had a shoebox full of wheat pennies.” says Jim Schoffstall, the club founder.

Before moving to Tellico Village, Schoffstall was heavily involved in a coin club in Clearwater, Fla. He plans to use a similar meeting format in Tellico Village.

“We open with a social time, which was also a swap and shop,” he says. “People set up little tables with stuff they want to sell. Then we have a very brief meeting about current events or if someone had a story on a coin find."

Looking for more information?  Contact Jim Schoffstall

For TV Coin Club Members

We are opening a TV Coin Club Circle to be our on-line market to buy and sell rare coins, and just to communicate with other members about our finds and collection.  

View/Join the TV Coin Club Circle

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For help connecting to our circle, see the help article Circles Made Simple

2019 General Meeting schedule

The Tellico Village Coin Club will meet at the Yacht Club, Gallery Deck on the following schedule:  May 8th, June 12th, July 10th, August 7th, Sept. 11, Oct. 8th, Nov. 13th & Dec. 11th.  Annual dues is $10.00 per person/household.

General Meeting Format (agenda may fluctuate)

  • 4:00   Room sent up
  • 4:15 – 4:40 Sign in, membership registration, Silent auction, social Time, Swap & Shop
    • Note - If there are no Silent Auction Items – The regular meeting will start at 4:30pm
  • 4:40 - 4::50 Silent auction items settled between seller & buyer
  • 4:50 - Regular meeting starts
    • Pledge of Allegiance
    • Precious metals spot prices
    • Announcements / Discussion / Presentation
    • Membership Dues ($10.00 per household)
    • Special interests Questions from members
    • Guest speaker / Knowledge information (if available)
    • Questions / Issues
    • Next meeting – As scheduled, Yacht Club, Gallery Deck
  • 5:30    Live auction (if items available)
    • Please submit items –To Jim Schoffstall - for live auction- so info can be sent out to membership before meeting.
  • 5:45   Meeting adjourns / return room to received condition

For Coin Collectors 

(Jim - if you have sites of interest to coin collectors, let me know the site names/links and i will add therm here)

 Last Update: September 18, 2020

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