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TOPS Club of Tellico Village

About Us

Welcome to the TellicoLife home page of TOPS Club in Tellico Village.  We may be known around Tellico Village as “TOPS” but we are a chapter of TOPS CLUB INC.  Taking Weight Off Sensibly   

So, how is TOPS going to help me lose weight?

TOPS can help you reach your weight-loss goals by providing you with the tools, information, support, and accountability you need to be successful. After all, this has been a winning formula for TOPS members just like you for nearly 70 years.

Weekly meetings are the heart of TOPS support. You're welcome to attend your first meeting at any chapter location free of charge—bring a friend if you like. There's no obligation. Here's what to expect

  • Meetings usually last an hour or so
  • Each member has a private weigh-in before the meeting
  • Meeting starts with members sharing challenges, successes, or goals (if they want)
  • There’s a brief program. TOPS gives each chapter engaging, professionally prepared programs covering a variety of health and wellness topics
  • Awards go to weekly or monthly best losers, contest winners, and members who’ve reached goal!
  • When needed, there’s a quick business meeting before the closing
  • Meeting closes with a thought for the week or other inspirational activity

What can I eat?

TOPS doesn't sell foods, endorse products, or push a one-size fits all meal plan. TOPS does endorse the Food Exchange and the MyPlate food plans, but you can choose any program that suits your needs. On the TOPS meal plan, we encourage you to choose foods you enjoy in moderation, journal and exercize. The flexible guidelines help you control calories while eating real food that you make at home or order in a restaurant.

Dues are $5 paid monthly with an annual membership fee of $32.

We meet every Wednesday at 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM for a weigh in, followed by the meeting from 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM (Generally in room "D" at Chota Rec Center).

For more information on TOPS in Tellico Village, contact Betty Thomson or Kathy Dooley

More information can be found on the TOPS Inc. Web Page by clicking here.


First Published: August 22, 2018
Last Update: August 11, 2018
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