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Smoky Mountain Chapter of the American Wine Society

Who We Are

We are explorers of wine! Our members are novices and lifelong lovers of wine. We are the local Chapter of the National American Wine Society. Locally, The Smoky Mountain Chapter (SMC) has about 50 members who are largely wine consumers. Nationally, we are about 7,000 members who range from wine consumers to amateur and professional winemakers to chefs to wine educators and to wineries.

Locally, we gather monthly to learn about, taste and evaluate wines. Often, we pair food and wine to better understand the impact particular wines bring to food and vice versa. The cost for tastings varies based on the wines we will pour and for any foods provided. Number of attendees varies and is determined by the host. Our tastings are focused in a multitude of ways: particular grapes such as Pinot Noir or Chardonnay; particular regions such as Tuscany or Napa Valley; particular styles of wine making such as the difference between barrel aging and stainless steel aging.

The National organization offers us many supports and benefits, the highlight of which is the Annual National Conference where nearly 700 wine lovers from around the country gather for 3 days somewhere in the US to learn, taste, dine, dance and socialize around the love of wine.


Membership Information:

You are welcome to attend any of our tastings, as a guest, up to a maximum of three tastings. After that, you must be a member in order to attend a tasting. To join the Smoky Mtn Chapter of AWS, you must first become a member of the National organization and then a member of the local.  To become a club member or to obtain more information about the club, contact our club president, Peggy Kahr  Email: [email protected] .

 Smoky Mountain Chapter, American Wine Society, (SMCAWS) on TellicoLife

Smoky Mountain Chapter of the American Wine Society (SMCAWS) uses TellicoLife in several important ways.


Our tastings are published on the TellicoLife Calendar. We meet in member’s homes and in public locations. The member hosting the tasting selects the theme, number of attendees, date and time for the tasting.

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Our E-List is [email protected]  We periodically send out emails announcing upcoming events as well as a club newsletter. Complete the following steps to sign up for club emails.

  1. Log into TellicoLife with your username and password.
  2. Click on the My Profile tab.
  3. Click on the My Features tab.
  4. Click on the E-list tab in the drop-down menu.
  5. Scroll through the list of clubs until you find the E-list called SmokyMtnAWS.
  6. Under the Subscribe column click on the black Off tab, which will then switch to On and turn green, which indicates that you want to receive club emails.

Smoky Mountain Chapter American Wine Society Circle:

  • Smoky Mountain Chapter, American Wine Society, (SMCAWS) uses our circle to share by-laws, club documents, pictures and for members to discuss topics of interest to lovers of wine.
  • Our circle is available to current members. Members of Tellico Life can request to join this circle. The circle administrator must then approve your request (not a Tellicolife admin).
  • Members are encouraged to post pictures and engage in wine related discussions.
  • CLICK HERE to visit the circle for the Smoky Mountain Chapter of the American Wine Society  (TellicoLife login is required.)
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Wine Society Links

American Wine Society:  https://americanwinesociety.org


To access this page directly, bookmark: www.tellicolife.org/