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Your Village, Your Future

Long Range Planning Advisory Committee

“A long range, data driven, needs based committee”

The NEW 2019 Strategic plan is HERE!

 On November 5th Tellico Village Board of Directors accepted and released for publication the 2019 Tellico Village Long Range Strategic Plan. This plan reflects a holistic assessment of all the current data available and collected - a comprehensive, coordinated, cohesive strategic plan meant to guide Tellico Village in the future. The plan is intended and designed to grow, change, and evolve with time, based upon regular reviews and updates, as new data, new needs and conditions are identified. Links to the new plan documents are located below.

If you have questions or comments about the plan, the planning process,
or just good information that you want to share with the LRPAC,
click the grey box below. 

POA - LRP  Community Forum 

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2019 Strategic Plan Documents & Links 

2019  Strategic Plan Nov 5 Board  Presentation
New TV Vision Community Forum (for all Q&As) - requires login
Initial FAQs
  Tell-E-Gram Articles
Town Halls POA Board Presentations
Questionnaires TVB Videos
Focus Groups Past Plans


LRPAC Who are we?

Our Responsibilities are to :
  • Provide the POA Board of Directors with information and recommendations
  • Plan for the future needs of Tellico Village

Wayne Enderle Bruce Palansky
Rich Anda Chris Alisup
Ed Grollemond Kevin Fusco
Barry Sherman Carol Shepherd

 Phil Brenner

Our Monthly Meeting - Visitors Welcome

Public meetings are normally held the 4th Thursday of the month in the POA Main Conference Room from 9:00 to 10:00 AM. 
As a result of COVID-19, meetings are being held virtually. 

Check our meeting schedule on the TellicoLife calendar under POA for current meeting information and participation instructions.  

How we use TellicoLife

The LRPAC is committed to transparency. 

1)  We use TellicoLIfe to post all communications, presentations, reference materials, etc. The blue links above take you to our Dropbox, where you can view our documents.  

2)  Our newly designed Community  Forum gives Villagers the opportunity to post questions about the LRP process, findings and recommendations.  Click the grey bar above to access the Community Forum,  Here's how the Community Forum works: 

  • Click on the link above to access the Community Forum.  From there you can review previously posted questions and answers. or post a new question or comment.
  • The LRP Forum is Moderated.  This means the LRP Committee member will be notified by email of your new question or comment. 
    • They will review and answer. 
    • Your information will be posted to the forum AFTER review by the LRP Committee member. During this review, you may see your post but others will not.  Think of your post as pending until the LRP Committee publishes it. 
    • During that review they may alter your question or comment, usually to clarify your post for the community's review. 
  • Click here to view the complete Community Forum documentation
Questions or concerns about the Community Forum can be posted to the Community Forum.  

Last Updated: May, 2020