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Little T Squares Dance Club

Chartered in 1976, Little T Squares' members have been a part of Lenoir City and the surrounding area, including Tellico Village, for nearly 50 years.
Our members enjoy the exercise, fun and fellowship that square dancing provides. It is easy to learn, entertaining, encompassing many styles of music, and very healthy for both your mind and body.
The Little Ts (named for the Little T River) dance at the Memorial Building in the old town area of Lenoir City. Click here for directions. Our dances are held every first, third and fifth Friday. from 7:30 to 10:00 pm. (Visit our website for directions and more information about the club.)


We are ... Friendship set to Music

Despite what you may remember from school, this is not old time barn dancing. Modern Western Square Dancing is both challenging and mentally stimulating. It is also probably more fun than you can ever imagine. All ages can do it - and do! 


It is a wonderful hobby for retirees and empty nesters. Many couples refer to it as their “date night”, because it provides them an opportunity do something together, in the company of other couples, while having wonderful time. It’s no fluke that square dancing is referred to as “Friendship Set to Music”.  


Little Ts offer dance levels from Mainstream and Plus through Advanced. Between tips (our name for pairs of dances) we offer either line dancing or round dancing. 

Want to learn to Square Dance? 

Little T Squares starts-out new beginners in September of each year. Sessions are at 7:00 pm on Tuesday evenings at the Memorial Building in Lenoir City (Click here for directions).

 Little T Squares and TellicoLife 

LittleT's uses TellicoLife to attract Tellico Village Residents interested in square dancing.   You can find our events on our web site at www.LittleTSquares.com

For more information, click here to Contact us. 

Click here to Contact us - or email us at [email protected]

To access this page directly, bookmark www.tellicolife.org/little-t-squares

Last Updated:  Sept 9, 2018