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Tellico Village Computer Users Club (TVCUC) Group Tours

Below is a brief description of the tours offered
to Computer Club Members.

Visit the Event Calendar page for a complete listing

NOTE: You must be a TVCUC member to participate in any of the tours.

Bob Kutschera

Provision Proton Center & ProNova Manufacturing Facility Tours
(Bob Kutschera)

Proton Center:

Get a behind the scenes tour including a complete walk though of a patient's experience, up close viewing of the massive equipment that makes proton therapy work, and the new generation of proton equipment.

ProNova Manufacturing Facility:

This tour will consist of a walking tour of the factory and up close viewing of the components that are being built for our first installation of the equipment in Nashville.

TVA Forecast Center

TVA River Forecast Center
Located in Knoxville, Tenn., is staffed around the clock, 365 days a year.  River schedulers continually monitor weather conditions and water quality data, as well as water availability and demand — all with the goal of routing water through the river system to provide the most public value given changing weather conditions and water needs.  Read more at TVA Flood Management.

Joe Michniacki

TVA River Forecast Center, Climate Change Science Institute, Manufacturing Demonstration & National Transportation Research Center, and MasterCraft
(Joe Michniacki)

Climate Change Science InstituteClimate Change Science Institute 
There is a growing demand for scientific insights regarding climate change, its consequences, and how disparate organizations from local communities to national government and international agencies can best respond to challenges in both adaptation and mitigation of climate change.  Read more.....

Oak Ridge Graphite Reactor, DOE Oak Ridge Bus Tours, Carbon Fiber Technology Facility, HiFlux Isotope Reactor, ORNL Super Computer, and Spallation Neutron Source, ORNL Manufacturing Demonstration Facility.

National Transportation Research CenterThe Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is DOE’s first such facility established to provide affordable and convenient access to R&D expertise, facilities, and tools to facilitate rapid adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies to enhance the competitiveness of the U.S. workforce.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory can meet this expectation by integrating the foundational science expertise at ORNL with a growing industrial network that creates new synergies, thought leadership, and successful execution on complex projects. The MDF is designed to reduce technical risk and support the business case for private investment in new production technologies that will reduce life-cycle energy and greenhouse gas emissions, lower production cost and create new products and opportunities for high paying jobs.

A second large-volume 3D printer recently installed at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF) will be modified to print two different materials on one object, significantly advancing the materials research being performed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) scientists. The next-generation printer provided by Cincinnati Incorporated under a cooperative research and development agreement extends the capabilities of the MDF’s current Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) system, which has printed automobiles, a house, a mold of a wind turbine blade, and a trim tool being used to help manufacture the wing for a new passenger jet.

The printing of the trim tool for The Boeing Company, in fact, resulted in ORNL being awarded the title of the largest solid 3D printed object by Guinness World Records.

Linda BaileyVolkswagen Assembly Plant Tours
(Linda Bailey)

Great news! We received notice that the Chattanooga Volkswagen assembly plant has resumed it's tour program.  Check the events calendar for scheduled dates/times.

"We are one of the finalist factories for Industry Week’s North America’s plant/factory of the year." 
In 1968, Rob Shirley, an aerospace engineer-turned-ski school instructor, was frustrated with the lack of technology available for towing skiers. To solve this problem, Rob and his team designed the first true performance ski boat. MasterCraft Hull #1 was born in a barn .... read more

Neutron Spallation SourceNeutron Spallation Source

Neutron Sciences at ORNL is home to High Flux Isotope Reactor and Spallation Neutron Source, providing researchers with unmatched capabilities for understanding the structure and properties of materials, macromolecular and biological systems, and the fundamental physics of the neutron.  Read more
Volkswagen Chattanooga Assembly Plant

The plant began production in April 2011 and has a projected annual production of 150,000 cars.   The local plant will allow the manufacturer to avoid exchange rate fluctuations, more closely monitor US automotive market trends, and reduce extended supply chain vulnerability.
ORNL Super ComputerORNL Super Computer
The combination of CPUs and GPUs will allow Titan and future systems to overcome power and space limitations inherent in previous generations of high-performance computers.Because they handle hundreds of calculations simultaneously, GPUs can go through many more than CPUs in a given time. Yet they draw only modestly more electricity. By relying on its 299,008 CPU cores to guide simulations read more ...

Carbon Fiber Technology FacilityCarbon Fiber Technology Facility
Oak Ridge National Laboratory is home to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) new Carbon Fiber Technology Facility (CFTF)—a 42,000 sq. ft. innovative technology facility. The CFTF offers a highly flexible, highly instrumented carbon fiber line for demonstrating advanced technology scalability and producing market-development volumes of prototypical carbon fibers, and serves as the last step before commercial production scale.

 High Flux Isotope ReactorHigh Flux Isotope Reactor

Operating at 85 MW, HFIR is the highest flux reactor-based source of neutrons for research in the United States, and it provides one of the highest steady-state neutron fluxes of any research reactor in the world. The thermal and cold neutrons produced by HFIR are used to study physics, chemistry, materials science, engineering, and biology. The intense neutron flux, read more....

Oak Ridge Graphite Reactor Oak Ridge Graphite Reactor
The birthplace of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the X-10 Graphite Reactor was the world’s first continuously operated nuclear reactor.  Built during World War II Manhattan Project, the Graphite Reactor successfully produced plutonium (239Pu) and enabled the demonstration of the chemical separation processes used to produce plutonium ….. read more

Provision Proton Center

Provision Proton Therapy Center, Knoxville

Proton therapy is an advanced form of radiation therapy that uses a single beam of high-energy protons to treat various forms of cancer. Just as with conventional radiation therapy, protons treat tumors by directing radiation into the tumor site where doses of radiation destroy cancerous cells.

How it Works
When doses of protons (positively charged parts of an atom) enter a tumor, they deposit most of their energy at a specific target, destroying cancerous cells and preserving surrounding healthy tissue. This differs from conventional radiation therapy because a less significant dose of protons enter the body, therefore reducing damage to surrounding healthy tissue and critical organs. The result is a smaller chance for side effects and secondary cancers.



ProNova Manufacturing Facility, Maryville

ProNova is redefining the future of cancer treatment by delivering a lower-cost, smaller, lighter and more energy efficient proton therapy solution without sacrificing today’s most important clinical capabilities. ProNova leverages superconducting magnet technology in both the cyclotron and treatment gantry, leading to a more cost effective solution without sacrificing today’s most important clinical capabilities.

Oak RidgeOE (Department of Energy) Oak Ridge Facilities

NOTE: This tour is limited to 18 people

This tour starts at the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge.  There is a cost for this tour of $5 for adults, $4 for seniors (65+) which is the admission price for the museum.

There is time for individual touring of the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge prior to the start of the bus tour at 11:30.

Bus Tour Itinerary (11:30 - 2:30)

  • Y-12 New Hope Visitor Center (bus stop): The visitor facility houses the spacious History Center featuring displays about the Manhattan Project, the Cold War, and other Y-12 missions.
  • Bethel Valley Church (bus stop):  New Bethel Baptist Church and Cemetery, founded in 1851, was officially closed by former church members as a house of worship in 1949 following the area’s Manhattan Project incorporation into the Oak Ridge Reservation. The cemetery features covered grave houses that are unique to the region. The church is still used for special events and homecoming celebrations.
  • Graphite Reactor at ORNL (bus stop): A national historic landmark, the Graphite Reactor located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory served as the pilot project that led to the first production of plutonium.  Visitors will view the world’s oldest nuclear reactor.
  • Spallation Neutron Source (drive by): The Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) is an accelerator-based neutron source facility that provides the most intense pulsed neutron beams in the world of scientific research and industrial development.  
  • East Tennessee Technology Park: Heritage Center, formerly K-25 (drive by): Tour visitors learn about the gaseous diffusion process that enriched uranium (later sent to Y-12 for further enrichment) to power the first atomic bomb.