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Helping You Stay in Tellico Village

STAYinTV is an "Aging In Place" project in Tellico Village that is part of a national movement whose goal is to help seniors live in their residence of choice as long as possible. 

STAYinTV's Mission is to identify the changing needs of our population and spearhead actions that enable our residents to age in place with dignity in Tellico Village. 

STAYinTV Resource Guide:  

The STAYinTV Resource Guide has been compiled by the members of STAY of Tellico Village. The STAY Committee is a group of concerned Tellico Village residents who saw a need to provide information that would aid residents in finding local support services and resources to help them stay in Tellico Village.  

STAYinTV developed a comprehensive list of issues one needs to address.  Things like "wills & trusts" are starters but many other things need documented to assist your heirs - including things like passwords for various accounts, key contact information, etc.  Click here to view the STAYinTV Resource Guide. 

 Planning for Lifestyle Changes - A Roadmap

The Planning for Lifestyle Changes - A Roadmap was created to assist residents as they collect and organize their legal, financial and other documents.  It is important that this information be readily available in case a relative or fiend needs to act on their behalf.  Be sure they know where to find it.  Not everything in this document applies to everyone so just fill in, and/or print the pages that are applicable.  Click here for the Roadmap.

 Respite Care for Caregivers Program (RCCP)

Need:  A large percentage of TV residents are couples without family nearby, childless couples or singles who are childless or without children or family in the area.  Medical diagnosis such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, or hip replacements on the elderly can arise and the caregiver’s dependent loved one (the client) has a decrease in function such that the client is home-bound.  The partner or caregiver is committed twenty-four hours seven days a week to caring for and managing the medical, physical, emotional and other personal needs of the client.  A commitment to long-term care at home can be distressing and/or debilitating to the physical, emotional and psychological stability of the caregiver.  If the caregiver is in a stressed mental or emotional state, over time, there can be a negative impact to the client in the form of but not limited to physical, emotional or verbal abuse.

Purpose, RCCP.  The purpose of the RCCP is to provide a volunteer, like a neighbor, who will stay with the client and allow the caregiver to have personal private time, de-stress from their role as a caregiver and savor a few hours of relaxation.

Goal of the RCCP.  To refresh the caregiver and reduce the risk of the negative effects of extended care to the client including but not limited to physical, verbal or emotional abuse.

How the RCCP works.  If you live in Tellico Village and you are a caregiver who has need of this service, call the STAYinTV number (865- 458-5408) and leave a message on the Respite Care for Caregivers line.  Include your name and telephone number.  Within 24-48 hours a RCCP Coordinator will return your call.  If you are a person interested in serving the needs of this population, obtain and complete a Volunteer Application Form available at the TV Welcome Center: 202 Chota Road.  A RCCP Coordinator will call you.  If you wish to discuss this program, you may also call Marilyn Hawkey at (865) 323-0722.

For More Information on the Respite Care Program: 

  • Click here for the Respite Care Program Description
Volunteer to be a Respite Caregiver

 Aging In Place Survey

Thank you to the OVER 1,000 individuals who responded online and by paper to the survey. View Survey Results  (September, 2017)

Become a STAYinTV Volunteer:

STAYinTV's services are entirely supported by volunteers.  To learn more about the STAYinTV programs, visit our website STAYinTV.org.  To let us know you are interested in helping us help other Villagers stay in their residence of choice, click on the button below. 

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STAYinTV is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that functions totally on donations. Many area organizations have supported our mission enabling us to organize and implement the current STAYinTV programs.

Your tax deductible donations play a key role in sustaining our ongoing operations.

Make checks payable to….

202 Chota Road
Welcome Center
Loudon, TN 37774
Phone: (865) 458-7084

Visit our Website:  stayintv.org

From time to time, STAYinTV will post events on the TellicoLife Calendar.  

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Created:  2017
Last Updated: April 18, 2018